Woohaa! Private Network

The Woohaa! Private Network is a network created to isolate retailers from suppliers in the Woohaa! public network. This type of network is useful to those suppliers who want to expand their network and still retain their existing retailers. This is also being used to group suppliers and retailers who have the same line of business.

Set Up Private Network

To set up a private network, you need to contact Sales.

Only Woohaa! Suppliers can set up a private network. Retailers can opt to join a private network by either using the referrer ID provided by the supplier or contacting Sales to have them connected to available private networks.

Once you have a private network set up, your business category will be hidden from the public network and will only be visible to those retailers within your private network.

Private Network Privileges

Whether you are a supplier or retailer, setting up or connecting to a private network has its own privileges.


    • When retailers join your private network, they will not be able to see any other suppliers in the portal aside from you.
    • You can also request to join a private network for suppliers in the same line of business so whenever their retailers search for the category the same as yours, they would be able to see your business category in the list.
    • There is no limit on the number of private networks you can set up.


    • Retailers from the public network can opt to join a private network to have exclusive access to suppliers that are not visible in the public network.
    • There is no limit on the number of private networks you can connect to,

Access Private Network

Only retailers who have a referrer id can access the private network for a specific supplier. To access a private network,

  1. Go to Woohaa! module ► Find Supplier and a pop-up form will be displayed showing the Woohaa! public network and the list of private networks you are currently connected with.
  2. Select which network you want view and click Proceed to view the network supplier dashboard.

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If you are connected to multiple private networks, you can also use the Network Selection button to switch between networks in the supplier dashboard.

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  • Monday, 01 July 2013