View Options To Customize The Form Section


From the System Manager module you can customize the look and function of the forms from across all the Connected Business modules.

View Options to Customize the Form Section

  1. From the System Manager module > Customize > Role.

    The User Role list form will be displayed.

  2. You can edit the forms for specific user roles logged in to Connected Business by selecting your preferred user role from the User Role list form. The User Role form will be displayed. From here you can choose what module you wish to modify its forms. Double-click on a module to open the User Role layout form.

  3. There will be many items from the Detail tab to select from.

    Select one item from the Detail tab in the form to edit its corresponding form layout.

    From here you can customize your selected form's layout and functions.

    See More: Maintain User Roles

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  • Friday, 23 November 2012