Use Mail Merge

Mail Merge is a common feature with different word processors.  It allows users to create letters or documents from a set of information stored in various files.

In Connected Business, the Mail Merge capability enables the sending of customized emails and fax messages with the user having control over which pieces of information are included, as will be shown in this article.

This feature is only available in Connected Business v14 and higher.

To use mail merge,

  1. From any module in Connected Business, click the Report Center button. The Report Center form will be displayed.

  2. Select the report to be sent from the Report Explorer pane. Edit the report layout as needed then click Print

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    Alternatively, if no editing is needed, double click the report name. The Print Dialog form will be displayed.

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  3. Click the ellipsis in the Report List pane. The Email/Fax Setting form will be displayed.

  4. Enter the email address/es or fax numbers of the recipients in the User entered recipient panel.

  5. In the Message tab, click the Merge Fields button to view the list of available Merge Fields.

  6. Select the fields to be added to the message from the list (e.g. Due Date, Payment Term) then click OK.

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    Clicking the Remove Merge Fields button will remove ALL Merge Fields currently added in the message body.

  7. Back in the Print Dialog form, click Print to send the email or fax message.

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  • Thursday, 06 February 2014