Transfer Stock to New Location

Connected Warehouse allows you to move stock across multiple locations through the Transfer feature.

Initiate Stock Transfer

  1. Tapping the Transfer icon will load an empty screen that contains a search bar. Enter a product’s universal product code (UPC) or use a barcode scanner to enter the items that are due for transfer.

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  2. The bar located on top of the screen will indicate the location to which the stock will be transferred. The red bar indicates that no destination has been chosen for the transaction yet. Tap on the bar to select a new location.

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  3. Tap on the location to which you want to transfer the items and click the arrow button at the upper right corner of the screen to save your choice. The process will not proceed if you choose the location where the item is currently stored.

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  4. The destination bar will turn blue when a new location has been chosen. Click the Complete button to complete the transaction.

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    To maintain the accuracy of your stock quantities, you must complete the transfer transaction on the Connected Warehouse app at the same time as the physical transfer of your cargo.

  5. The software of Connected Business will automatically generate a Stock Transfer form that will be resolved when the warehouse app associated with the new location processes the items as received.


  • Monday, 10 November 2014