The Report Explorer


The Report Explorer lets you manage all the reports available in your Connected Business set-up. Upon accessing the Report Center from your respective module, the Report Explorer becomes available for you to use its respective functions.

This section helps you know its different functions and work around its interface.

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There are different functions to help you choose the report you need and organize them based on your preference.

  • Search Text Box – this is where to key-in search keywords. Once keywords are typed, the system automatically searches the reports relevant to your searched report.
  • Clear Button – clears search keywords.
  • Advanced Search – uses filter criteria in searching reports. Click x button to clear the criteria created.
  • View Folder – Allows you to display the folders when searching for a report.
  • Refresh Button – updates the Report Explorer Tree List.
  • Preview tab – shows the preview of the report, if available.

The following functions can be done when you right click a cusom report. System reports, when on edit mode, can only be added to favorites and printed.



Add to Favorites

Enables the user to place mostly reports as favorite for easy access.


Opens the Report Designer which allows the user to modify the slected report.

Rename Allows you to rename the selected custom reports and folders.
Delete Removes the selected report. You can only delete custom reports only.
New Folder Allows the user to create new custom folder on target locations.
Move Report Allows you to move a custom report to a specific custom folder.
Print Allows you to print directly the selected report.
Print Dialog Allows you to print preview, print to file, print, email or fax the selected report.

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