Send Reports In RTF Format

Rich Text Format (abbreviated as RTF) is a file format that allows files to be sent across different platforms and environment.

In Connected Business, the Rich Text Format support feature enables reports to be sent to different email platforms without any problems or loss of format as demonstrated in this article.

This feature is only available in Connected Business v14 or higher.

To send a report in RTF format,

  1. Click the Report Center button from any module in Connected Business. The Report Center will be displayed.

  2. Select the report to be sent from the Report Explorer Panel. The Print dialog form will appear.

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  3. In the Report List section, click the ellipsis in the Email/Fax column to open the Email/Fax Setting form.

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  4. On the Message tab, enter a subject title and enter a message in the word editor field. Click OK once done.

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  5. In the Filter panel, define the filter criteria of the reports to be sent then click Print. You can also define the print settings for sending the report to the customer as needed.

    Only reports with an email and fax setting enabled can be sent in RTF format.

    Depending on the defined printing destination, the report can be sent to the customer thru fax or email. The image below shows the report being sent as an attachment in the email.

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    Alternatively, you can also send reports in rtf format directly from the transaction form (e.g. sales order, sales invoice, etc.). Simply click the Print button from the form to load the Print Dialog window. Define the print settings as needed and click Print to send the report to the customer.

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  • Monday, 27 January 2014