Receive New Stock

Connected Warehouse makes it easy to receive, organize, and label incoming inventory from suppliers through the Receiving feature. This task is integrated into the Supplier and Inventory modules and actions performed are reflected in the system in real time.

How to Receive New Items

The supplier purchase orders (POs) are created through the Connected Business backend.

  1. Tap on the Receive icon on the Connected Warehouse landing page. The screen will load pre-existing supplier POs that are ready for receiving. The order includes details such as the supplier PO number, supplier name, and receiving status.

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  2. The button labeled Items is located to the left side of the search bar. It indicates the number of line items that have not been processed yet. This indicator turns green once all the items indicated in the supplier PO have been received.

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    Tap on the Items button to see a dropdown list of the items waiting to be processed.

  3. You can receive individual items by scanning the barcode or entering the Universal Product Code (UPC).

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    You can configure Settings to enable quantity input instead of scanning or entering items one at a time. Tap on the upper right corner of the Connected Warehouse landing page to view the setting options.

  4. The Receive interface shows the list of received items with relevant details such as bin location, quantity, and unit of measurement. The items are arranged based on the order you entered them into the system.

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  5. When you receive an item, Connected Warehouse will prompt you to assign the product to one of the pre-programmed bin locations within your warehousing system.

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    You can refer to the item details to find the right bin location, or consult the Item list in Connected Business.

  6. Once an item has been entered into the system, Connected Warehouse will generate a label that will be used to track individual product units.

    The label includes a unique barcode, UPC, and the suggested retail price as configured in the Item module.

  7. Tap the Complete button without processing all the indicated items in the PO (or if the Items button is still red) the Connected Business software will generated a Partial Receive form

    The form will remain in the list of POs to receive until the entire order has been processed.


  • Wednesday, 22 October 2014