Pick Items from the Inventory

Connected Warehouse's picking function streamlines your supply chain by updating your warehousing staff about incoming orders in real time.

Once an order has been created, pickers can use the app to identify the purchased product, find the bin location, and enter it into the system as an allocated product. The product can be put aside in reserve or ushered to the Packing process.

How To Pick Items

  1. On the landing page of Connected Warehouse, tap on the on Picking icon. The screen loads the list of sale orders generated through various Connected Business channels.

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    Connected Warehouse can list either Sales Orders (SO) or Invoices for the picking process. To modify this setting, tap the upper right corner of the screen and go to Settings > Picking. Connected Warehouse doesn't allow the listing of both SOs and Invoices at the same time.

  2. You can access the orders by performing one of three actions:

      • Scroll down the list of sales orders and tap on the relevant entry.
      • Scan the barcode of the order as generated on a document.
      • Enter the SO code for the correct sales order.

  3. The screen loads the list of individual items contained within a single order. The information includes the product name and description, bin location, quantity ordered, and a high resolution image of the item for easy identification.

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  4. Tapping the photo will load further item details. You can either tap the item list or the arrow at the upper left side of the screen to go back to the main interface.

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  5. To mark an item as an allocated product, you can scan the barcode or enter the universal product code (UPC) serial number.

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    Scanning or entering the UPC once counts as a single quantity. To count multiple quantities of a single item, you can scan the barcode of the item as many times as needed.

  6. You can also configure the app settings to allow Input Quantity. When this preference is enabled, a single scan of the product will load a quantity input screen.

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    You can enter the exact quantity indicated in the order without having to scan each item individually.

  7. Once all the items have been picked, a notification will appear onscreen. You can choose to continue picking for another order or to send the picked items to the packing portion of your supply chain.

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  • Friday, 17 October 2014