Migrate Reports


You can migrate reports, by batch or run one at a time, that were created using other reporting systems to Connected Business Reports. In Connected Business, the only supported other reporting engine that can be migrated are the ones from Interprise Suite 6.0.9.x and below.

To migrate old reports to Connected Business reports, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Report Center from any of the available modules. The Report Center will be displayed.
  2. Click Report Migration button from the menu options.
  3. On the List of Available Old Reports pane, select the report(s) to migrate by clicking the button or to include all available old reports.
  4. Click on the Upgrade button to start migrating the old report into Connected Business report engine.

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  5. A confirmation window will be displayed if the old reports are migrated successfully in Connected Business. Migrated Reports are automatically placed in the Custom folder.

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  • Friday, 23 November 2012