Manage User Roles


The User Role function in Connected Business' Report Center helps you manage authorizations and specify which users are allowed to modify and view a specific report or a specific report folder.


Follow these steps on how to manage user roles in the Report Center:

  1. On the Report Center window, click the User Role button from the menu options.
  2. You may click a specific report from the Report Explorer pane or click the Advance Search button and set the filter criteria to search for the report.
  3. Click the User Role button.
  4. On the Role Code column, select the user with which you want to give access to the report. Click OK.
  5. Click the Visible column if you want the user to view a report or group of reports.
    Visible setting also applies to report list on print dialog.
    • If a report is set to hidden in the User Role, the report won't be seen on print dialog.
    • If a report is hidden in the User Role, it supersedes the visibility setting in bind to form.
  6. Click the Allow Designer column if you want to allow the user to modify or edit the report.

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  • Friday, 23 November 2012