Maintain User Teams


The Team menu item is provided to create and maintain user teams. Through Connected Business' System Module, users can set up teams that include batches of permissions and access restrictions to groups of users registered in your Connected Business module.

  1. From the System Manager > Accounts > Teams.

  2. The User Teams list screen will be displayed.

  3. Select the user team you want to modify by double-clicking on it. The User Team form will be displayed.

  4. You can modify specific user account information from the User Team form by double-clicking on the user account you want to modify. Include and remove user accounts from the selected team by using the chevron icons, moving user accounts from the Users column to the Members column.

  5. You can delete the selected user team by clicking on the Delete button from the menu bar.

  6. Save your changes and inputs before closing the form, or click the Save and Close button.


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  • Monday, 26 November 2012