Create Label Reports


Creating label reports can only be done through the Report Wizard. This section describes the steps on creating a label report.

  1. To create a label report, you may go to the Shipping moduleReport Center (or you may access the Report Center from any module).
  2. On the Report Center, click on NewNew Report from Wizard or press [Ctrl] + [W] keys. The Report Wizard will display.
  3. Click Next button to start creating a label report or press [Alt] + [N] keys.
  4. On the Report Information page, specify the Report Name, Description and the Data Source of your label report.

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  5. On the Report Template field, select Label Report. The Report Template Chooser window will display.
  6. On the Report Template Chooser window, provide the data on the Label Report options section. Click Select button to continue.

    Field Name


    Report Template Type


    The default report template type is now set to Label Report as set from the Report Information page. You may change the report template type as needed.

    Label Report Options


    Allows you to pre-define labels by specifying the label product and its ID.

    • Label Products - displays the list of supported brand of label products for the label report. These are the supported label products in Connected Business:
    • Product Number - display the list of available label types and the dimensions for the selected label product.
    • Paper Kind - displays the list of the supported paper sizes and other paper types.
    Label Information

    The width and height of the selected paper kind.

    The following fields are the dimensions pre-set relative to the selected label products, product number and paper kind. You may modify the details as necessary.
    Label Width Indicates the width of the label.
    Label Height Indicates the height of the label.
    Top Margin Indicates the margin at the top most part of the label.
    Side Margin Indicates the margins on both the left and right side of the label.
    Vertical Pitch This will offset the each row from the previous label.
    Horizontal Pitch This will offset each column from the previous label.
    Orientation Indicates the layout of the label. You may select between Portrait or Landscape.

    The Report Template and Orientation fields on the Report Information page are automatically filled. Click Next to continue.

  7. On the Report Fields page, select the fields you want to include as the main data in the label report by clicking the button. Click Next to continue.

    To delete the selected field, copy all the field(s) from the prototype label section and press [Delete] key. Right click on the selected fields and you can edit the font, increase ord decrease the indent, cut, copy, paste, add bullets and numbering as well as add bookmark and hyperlink.

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  8. On the Report Grouping and Sorting page, select the fields by clicking it from the available fields section. Click Next button to continue.
  9. On the Report Additional Settings page, set the module to Shipping. You may check bind to web and indicate what website column should display on the label report. Click Next button to continue.
  10. Click Finish button to complete the label report creation. You can preview the newly created report by clicking on the PrintPrint Preview button. The report will then display.

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  • Friday, 23 November 2012