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The Report Center allows you to export and import reports with .cbr file extensions. The system does not accept or is unable to read any other file format other than .cbr.


Exporting Reports

The Export function in Connected Business Report Center allows you to convert reports into CBR file format. The CBR file format is the only format readable by Connected Business report system. There are two ways to export Connected Business reports:

  1. Export a Single Report
  2. Export Multiple Reports



Follow the steps below on how to export a report directly.

  1. Select an existing report from the Report Explorer pane.
  2. Right click on the report, select Edit.
  3. Click on ExportExport Report.
  4. You may now save the report on your local folder.

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You may export multiple reports, change the filename of the reports selected or set a specific file location of the selected reports in a single process through the Export Manager. Using the Export Manager, you no longer need to open a specific report to export them, follow the steps below on how to export multiple reports.

  1. From the Report Center window, click on ExportExport Manager.
  2. On Export Manager window, click a specific report(s) from the Available Reports pane. Then, click the button to include them on the selected report for export.

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  3. Indicate the target location of the report to exported on the Set File Location field.
  4. OPTIONAL: On the Output Path section, you may tick the Open File Location after export completed checkbox if you want to open the file after export is successful.

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Importing Reports

The import function allows you to import single or multiple CBR-file-format reports from your local folder to Connected Business Report Center.

  1. From the Report Center window, click on Import button from the menu options.
  2. Add the source location of the report files by clicking the ellipsis button under the Source Path column. Only CBR file format reports can only be imported to the Report Center.
  3. OPTIONAL: You may modify the Report Name and Report Description columns to add more detail to the report.
  4. On the Location column, select where you would like to classify the report. Click on the ellipsis button.
  5. On the Report Location window, select a folder or create a new one for you to locate the report. Click OK.
  6. Click Import button.

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  • Friday, 23 November 2012