Hardware Requirements

2The following table shows the processor, memory and disk space requirements needed to run the Connected Business application.

Criteria For Server Machines For Workstation Machines For Single Machines


Intel Xeon Dual Core 2.0 Ghz or Higher (multi-core recommended)

Intel I5 2.0 GHz Higher (multi-core recommended)

Intel I5 2.0 GHz Higher (multi-core recommended)

4 Gb (minimum); 8Gb or more (recommended)

For larger databases, the amount of server RAM may be 16 GB or higher.

4 Gb (minimum); 8Gb or more (recommended)


4 Gb (minimum); 8Gb or more (recommended)


Hard Disk Space

16 Gb available hard disk space allocated for application installation, future growth of the database, and website files. Note that the database for larger companies can grow larger. All efforts to provide very fast disk access to SQL Server will increase performance of the application.

Please view the performance video at http://community.connectedbusiness.com/videos2/626-gary-harrison/video/16-how-to-increase-your-connected-business-performance for more information on hardware-related decisions.

* If SQL Express is running on the workstation machine, it is recommended to add 1 GB of RAM just for SQL Express.



  • Thursday, 17 May 2018