Gateway Response Log Viewer

This article talks about the Gateway Response Log Viewer of Connected Business.

The Gateway Response Log Viewer allows you to view the responses returned by the gateway being used for credit card payments.  This viewer logs all responses for processing inbound transactions (e.g. payments on invoices, online orders, etc) ,  outbound transactions (e.g. processing customer refunds), and all other credit card transactions processed through the gateway.

This feature also helps you to keep track of all the  payment transactions that are processed through the payment gateway.

View Response Log

To view the gateway responses, go to the Banking module > Tools > Gateway Response Log and the Response Log Viewer form will be displayed.

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In the Response Log Viewer, the gateway responses are listed by date, document code, reference, credit card number and transaction type. You can set the filter criteria to sort the gateway responses by date.

To view the details of a response log, select a log from the Document Code column and click on the Detail tab.

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The log details includes the document code associated with the log, the reference number, the exact date and time when the payment was processed, the transaction type, the gateway used to process the payment, and the response message.

If you want to view the transaction associated with the response log,  double click on the code indicated in the Document Code field.


  • Wednesday, 29 May 2013