Force Sign Out Users from Multiple Locations

As users have all the means to access Connected Business through different media such as cloud (using) mobile devices or use the same accounts from other locations, we have also provided a way to better manage multiple user accessibility and improve the security on the ERP system. The Manage Multiple User Sign-In window allows a Connected Business user to control account access from any machine anytime of the day. If you are using a mobile device (hosted through cloud) or from your desktop or laptops, you can easily see who are currently logged-in and be able to force them to sign-out.

to Connected Business (Account Signed-In From Multiple Locations)

  1. Open the Connected Business application. You can open the application anywhere (computer, cloud using mobile device, any of your staff from another location).

  2. Enter your username and password.

    The number of users that can sign-in to Connected Business depends upon your license subscription. These are counted based on the users who logged-in from any location(networked PCs, countries, places). 

  3. Click the Sign-In button or press [Enter] key after entering your password.

  4. Upon signing in, a pop-up window will appear informing you that the same account you used to sign-in is also signed in to another location.

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    If you select:

    1. Yes - The account used from other locations listed on the pop up window will be forced to sign-out, thus, you will be the only user who will use that account.

    2. No - The account signed in from other locations that is listed on the pop up window will remain. Clicking No will add you up on the list.


Manage Multiple User Sign-In

You can do the following options when managing multiple user sign-in:

  • Force sign-out a specific user from a specific location
  • Force sign-out a specific user from all locations
  • Force sign-out all users from all locations

Force Sign-out Multiple Users

If you want to sign-out a user from a specific location or multiple users from all locations, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign-in to Connected Busines and go to the System Manager module.

  2. Click Accounts > Locked Accounts. The Manage Multiple User window will be displayed.

    The system will detect if there are no user accounts logged-in from other location and a pop-up message will display indicating that there are no records to force sign-out.

  3. On the Manage Multiple Userwindow, this contains the list of the user accounts that are signed in from different locations.

    Column Name Description
    Force Sign-Out  Tick this checkbox if you want to force sign-out a specific user from a specific location.
    User Code The user code provided by the user upon creating a new user account.
    User Name The user name provided by the user upon creating a new user account.
    Location The recorded name or the IP address of the machine that the user account has logged-in.
    Last Signed In The latest day, date and time when the user has signed to a specific location.

    The account(s) that are currently logged-in to Connected Business are excluded in the list.

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  4. Tick the Force Sign-out checkbox when you want to force sign-out specific user(s) from a specific location(s).

  5. Click on the Force Sign-Out button from the menu options.

    This process is irreversible. Once you clicked on the Force Sign-out button, the users from the other locations are automatically logged out.

  • Wednesday, 03 April 2013