Enable Payment Terms to Show on Web

Connected Business allows you to enable existing payment terms to be displayed or hidden on the web store. Payment terms are listed when the customer clicks the checkout button and goes through the online shopping process.

This feature is only available in Connected Business v15 and higher.

To display payment terms on the web store:

  1. Go to the Banking module. Click Setup > Payment > Term.

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  2. The Payment Term form displays the different terms that have been encoded into Connected Business. Click on the New button to create a new payment term.

  3. The column labeled Show on Web indicates which terms can be displayed at the checkout page of the web store. Payment terms with ticked Show on Web checkboxes will be displayed on the web store.

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  4. Double click a listed item to launch the Payment Terms Detail tab. The details tab also includes a tick box that enables Show on Web.

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  5. Click Save and Close to apply your preferences. You may need to reset your cache to properly display the changes. To do this, click on eCommerce > Web Store and click Reset Web Cache.


  • Monday, 27 April 2015