Delete Database


This option allows you to delete a database from the server. As you connect to remote databases, cache databases are created and would populate in the Orphaned Database folder. You can use the Delete option to remove invalid or unused cache databases.


To delete a database,

  1. Select the database to delete in the Database list.
  2. Click on Delete Database button (1) in the toolbar menu. Alternately, you can use the right click menu and select Delete (2) or click on the Delete icon (3) in the Database Summary section.

  3. A message prompt will appear confirming the deletion. Click Yes to confirm.

  4. A progress bar will be displayed showing the progress of the deletion. You will be prompted once the database is successfully deleted.

    When a demo database is deleted or not upgraded when Connected Business is upgraded, a node (e.g. ISSIDEMOUS – Not Installed. Reset this database.) appears in the Demo Database folder allowing you to reset the demo database when needed. See Also: Reset Databases.




  • Monday, 15 October 2012