Add Calculated Fields


Calculated fields are used to perform pre-calculations(from the simplest to the most complex calculations) over data fields or even compute basic arithmetic operations. When a calculated field is created, it will look like an ordinary field added to the rest of the fields.

Learn how to create and add a calculated field on your reports by following the instructions below.



  1. Click Report Center button from any of the Connected Business modules.
  2. From the Report Center window, select the report you want to add a calculated field. You may select on any system or cusom reports available.
  3. Right click on a report and click Edit; or click Edit button from the menu options.
  4. The selected report will be opened in Designer mode. Click Design button from the menu. The Design Report window will be displayed.
  5. Click on the Fields tab.
  6. Just below the Available Fields pane, click on the Add Calculated Fields button.

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  7. The Calculated Fields window will display. Click on the button to create a calculated field.

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  8. On the Calculated Fields pane, specify the name of the calculated field under the Name column as well as the type of the field. You may also add multiple calculated fields. Click on the x button to delete an existing calculated field.
  9. Click on the Expression button. The Expression Editor window will display.


  1. In this process, let us create an expression for the calculated field. The Expression Editor holds a number of various mathematical expressions including the data fields in the report which you can create an expression or arguments.




    Predefined mathematical expressions to create an argument. Double click on the available functions such as aggregate, date and time, logical, math and string.


    These are basic arithmetic operators used to calculate numeric values and other expressions.

    Fields The fields on the selected form.
    Constants These are logical operators that compares a Boolean expression and returns a Boolean result.
    Parameters Any reference or value that you need to pass to other functions.
  2. Select the preferred function you want to add. Suppose, we want to calculate two data fields. Click on the Field.

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  3. Select the data fields to calculate. Click OK. The newly created expression are then added to the expression panel in the calculated fields window.
  4. On the Calculated Fields window, click OK.
  5. The Calculated Fields will create a dropdown list on the available fields pane, click on the button to include it on the Selected Fields panel. Click OK.
  6. Click Save button to save the changes on the report.

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Sample Calculated Field in a Report

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  • Friday, 23 November 2012