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The Sub Report option is used to embed a report within another report in Connected Business. The benefits of integrating subreports are:

  • when you want to include specific report on another report and requires a consistent look and functionality of all reports.
  • placing two reports into a single report and be able to compare them side by side
  • use subreport to create reports with hierarchial linked data

The steps below illustrates on how to add subreports in an existing report.



  1. Select the particular module that you want to create a report with a subreport. Click on the Report Center from the menu options. The Report Center will be displayed. Right-click on the report you want to create a sub report on and select Edit.

    You can now load all reports from all modules in Report Center regardless of the selected module.

  2. From the Report menu group, click on Design to bring out a new screen.
  3. Select the Subreport tab to bring out options to add Subreportsto your report.

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  4. You may select Subreports from your existing list of reports by clicking first on the Add Subreport button and click on the Additional Options button to select from the list of your existing reports. Click OK to go back to the Report Designer.

    Click the Plus button, which will show a search screen of existing reports you can use to look for existing reports. Each existing report in the report search includes the data source it contains. from the search screen you can see the data source type it contains.

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    Select a report and go back to the Subreport screen. The List of Available Reports pane, after adding a subreport, has four columns that lets you view more details:

    Field Name Description
    Name The Name of the added subreport.
    Data Source The Name of the data source of the subreport.

    Data Source Type

    Specifies the type of the data source of the subreport. The options to select are Table, View, Stored Procedure and Query.
    Add to Report Band Set the report band you want to include in your subreport.
  5. Upon selection of the subreport, the form automatically suggests a parameter to link the subreport to its parent report. You can also click the Plus button beside the And parameter inside the right side pane to add your own relationship parameter.

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  6. Once done with the report layout, click Save or Save As under the Save button. The Save dialog will appear. Supply the Report Name, Description and Target Location for your report. After saving, or if you want to discard your report, click on Close Designer and select from options to Close Active Designer or Close All.
  7. If you want to preview the report with the data included from the selected subreport, click on the Print menu and select Print Preview.

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    If you have not yet saved your current report the Reports Module will prompt if you want to save your report first before proceeding to the Print Preview. You can opt to save or not and still view the report via the Print Preview function.

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  • Thursday, 22 November 2012