Add Printer to Machine

  1. Install the Printer Software
  2. Setting a Default Printer
  3. Setting Printer Properties

  4. Set Number of Copies to Print

You can print reports by selecting an active printer through the print dialog box. However, if you do not have printers installed yet on your machine, you may set it up by following the instructions below:






  1. To open the Print Dialog box, open any forms in Connected Business, click PrintPrint Dialog.

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  2. On the Print Dialog, click on Find Printer button. There are two options to select when you want to add and install a printer on your machine:

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  3. Add a Local Printer. You may use this option only if you do not have a USB printer. Windows automatically installs USB printers when you plug them in. Click Next button to continue.
    1. On the Choose a Printer Port page, you may select an existing port on the Use an Existing Port field or create a new one on the Create a New Port field. Click Next to continue.
    2. On the Install the Printer Driver page, select the manufacturer and model of your printer. If your printer has an installation disk, make use of the disk by clicking on the Have a disk button and have it installed on your machine. If your printer is not listed, consult your printer documentation for compatible printer software. Click Next to continue.
    3. Specify the Printer name. Tick the Set as Default Printer checkbox if you want it to be your default printer. Click Next to continue.
    4. Optional: On the Printer Sharing Page, you may share this printer to other network users.
      1. Tick the Do not Share this printer if you do not want to share this printer.
      2. If you want to share this printer, select Share this printer so that others on your network can find and use it. Specify the Share Name, Location and Comment if needed. Click Next to continue.
  4. Add a Network, Wireless or Bluetooth Printer. It will automatically search for all available and shared printers on your network. Click Next to continue. You will then be connected to the selected printer on your network.

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If you have installed multiple printers on your machine, and you would like to set another printer as your default printer, follow the steps below:

On the Control PanelPrinters, select the printer that you want to set as default. Right click on the selected printer, then click Set as Default Printer.

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Depending on the installed printer, you may set up printer properties by clicking on the Properties button. This includes from basic to advanced settings such as the paper size, orientation, resolution, media type, manual or duplex printing, etc.

You may refer to the attached documentation on the printer, if available.


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  1. On the Printer Settings section, specify the copies to be printed on the Number of Copies field.

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  2. Select All if you want to print all the pages of the document to be printed. Or, you may set a specific page for printing by clicking the Pages and indicate the pages on the From and To fields.

    The From value cannot be greater than the To value.

  3. The Collate checkbox allows you to select the sequence of printing the document.

    If the collate checkbox is enabled, the printing sequence will be:
    p.1, p.2, p.3, p.1, p.2, p.3, p.1, p.2, p.3……

    If the collate checkbox is unticked, the printing sequence will be:
    p.1, p.1, p.1, p.2, p.2, p.2, p.3, p.3, p.3……
  4. Click Print button to start printing the document.

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  • Friday, 31 May 2013